Just Call
me CARVER!  


My name is Elise Carver (also know simply as Carver!), I am the owner and sole Surf Style Trainer for Little Bantam Health and Fitness.

Through a holistic approach to training and physical education I aim to inspire, encourage and guide those with the drive to improve their health by developing a self sustainable future. Mind, body & soul!

Using a wide range of training & recovery techniques my Surf Style Training program is ideal for improving Core Strength, Flexibility, Agility, Balance & Endurance. 

It’s the anti-bootcamp, the anti-crossfit! After all training and physical improvement doesn’t have to be scary OR punishing! 

I began my active way of life at the early age of 7 years, first starting with competitive gymnastics then moving to Rock Climbing at the age of 12! This has helped me to this day in developing unique upper body strength and core training techniques.

Always seeking FUN, it seemed only natural that I found and fell in love with surfing around the same time I began my Master Trainer Certificate almost 8 years ago. 

After a turbulent life working on the door of nightclubs, trying to find myself in the big smoke (Melbourne). I managed to escape to a more relaxing lifestyle on the Surfcoast of Victoria Australia (Torquay), removing all unhealthy temptations that my previous environment had to offer. Smartest decision I’ve ever made!

Immersed in the ocean lifestyle of a surfer I realized through my own transformation that a true surfer body was one of the most balanced & harmonic ways to go about physical improvement. Through further studies I set out to develop and test a type of training specific to attaining a surfers physical & mental attributes. 

It’s not about having a 6 pack, the biggest muscles on the block or a thigh gap. It’s about feeling GOOD, being STRONG, caring for yourself and feeling energetic & excited as you travel through life!

Gone are the days of throwing up your breakfast during training to then dread your next visit to the gym.

I believes we are moving into a day and age where you need to ENJOY your training and nurture your body through the process. Making for a fun easy transition into a healthier way of life!

(Certs & Qualifications - Cert III & IV Master Trainer, First Aid Level 2, Surf Life Saving Bronze)