Little Bantam Surfing Classes focus on
3 of the 5 major attributes from the
Surf Style Training program 
Core Strength, Flexibility & Balance.

Classes run for 1 hour at the Little Bantam Studio location, with
a maximum of 8 people. Each class will take you through Beginner
to Intermediate stretching & strengthening variations depending on
your skill level, allowing you to adjust the movement to suite the
intensity you are looking for.

With regular adjustments to your technique throughout the
class followed by a guided meditation to finish, each session will
leave you feeling balanced and more in tune with your body
than when you first walked in!

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Active Stretch

Focused predominately on stretching and lengthening the major muscle groups (hips, legs, spine and shoulders). This class uses Yoga and PNF stretching techniques to release tired and overused muscles helping to improve range of movement and recovery time from our busy active lives! Lorem ipsum Lorem Ispum


Engaging deep & superficial Core muscles through Yoga, Pilates and surf training techniques. This class focuses on activating your trunk (muscles surrounding your spine, aka torso) to support your posture throughout the day. Whilst equally releasing muscles associated with holding tension and stress often located around the shoulders, neck and lower back.


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