Date: April 2015
Location: Studio + Pt Addis

During the WSL Bells Beach Pro I worked with Nikki Van Dijk, Rosy Hodge & Malia Manuel.

Thanks to Organic Avenue for the after workout juices and O'Neill Womens for my workout gear. Ripper Photo's taken by Fiona Peters Photography.

Shallow Water
Training  #1

Date: 22nd Nov
Location: Bells Beach

A new type of training, a whole new way of looking at water sports! Check out the snaps from the most recent Shallow Water Training! Get yourself familiar with the water again and get fit in the process, using Wetsuit resistance, water resistance, Surf life Saving Techniques and plenty of fun soft sand games...


You'll be laughing so hard you won't notice your muscles aching till you're enjoying your post training smoothie! 


To holistic  Living WORKSHOP #2

Date: 31.5.14 
Location: Bells Beach

Amazing Day with amazing people!

 Thank you to our guest speakers Kristin
Cosgrove (Mamacino), Annabell (Surfcoast Wholefoods)
and Jess Cherubin our lil helper for the day!

Another successful event with plenty of LOVE for
myself and Kate Toholka (Summersalt Life).


Grom Surf Day Workshop #1

Date: 26.4.14
Location: Bells Beach

On the 26.4 I ran the first Little Bantam Grom Surf Day - Workshop!

A fun filled and educational training day consisting of meal idea's, food alternative information, morning yoga balance training, agility training, strength training and stretching session. As well as a dynamic surf warm up before we hit the water for a few waves and time for the girls to recover in front of a surf documentary of their pick!

Stay tuned for the release of an ADULTS Surf Day Workshop and if you have any recommendations for the adults day workshop please express your interest while dropping me a line - EC x


Introduction to
Holistic Living

Date: 12.4.14
Location: Bells Beach

The first Introduction to Holistic Living Workshop run with Summersalt Life was a sell out!

Taking place at our favourite spot Surfcoast Yoga, the day was filled with Core Strength activities, Food Demo's & Tasting's as well as active discussions on how you can live YOUR holistic lifestyle!


Groms Surf Training

Date: 12.4.14
Location: Bells Beach

My first group of dedicated groms from Torquay Board Riders train with me once a week, focusing on Core Strength, Paddles Strength and Explosive Leg power!

For further details about Junior surf style training please contact me via email.