How to REALLY make change this New Year.

Another year flickers past and so did New Years. We’re already turning the calendar to February. Did you set new years resolutions? Or perhaps your rolling your eyes at the fact I even mentioned them. Statistics show that most people give up their resolutions 2-3 weeks into the New Year and only 8-10% of people actually follow through with them. That seems quite a high number if you ask me.

I understand making change is hard! Even with the amazing celebratory, positive, new, fresh energy that comes with a new year. Unfortunately this energy alone is not enough to make the change, its great but its not enough. We must be kidding ourselves if we think that a new year is going to make a difference…? What is a New Year anyway? Another full lap around the sun? No – that’s our birthday.

If were serious about making change this year to achieve our goals, desires and resolutions, we must change our mindset and raise our awareness one habit at a time. Mindset and awareness, some words that are being used more and more these days, but what do they really mean? Let me break them down for you.

What is a mindset? It is our ‘way of thinking’ and our opinions. This way of thinking predetermines our responses to and interpretations of situations. How we perceive things. An example…lets look at mornings. Person A may love mornings, they love the fresh new energy, jumping out of bed and getting started for the day. Person B may hate them, they always feel sluggish and it takes them forever to wake up, they just want to stay in bed. These are two different ways of thinking (or mindsets) about mornings.

A lot of our mindset works in the unconscious state, it’s not something we have consciously thought about. Essentially it’s a habit we have created, which may be good or bad. Many factors can affect our mindset, but ultimately we have programmed ourselves to think the way we do. The good news is we have complete control over it all if we have conscious awareness.

So what is awareness? Having knowledge, perception or realisation that something exists. There is an understanding of a situation at the present moment based on experience and information. Lets look at mornings again as an example. Perhaps from previous experience we have an understanding that mornings can be the best part of the day, we feel good after a restful night sleep and love the fresh energy of a new day.

When we put these factors together with change and a consistently we can transform our thoughts, behaviours and beliefs and ultimately reach our goals. Keep checking in with the way you are thinking, is it how you want your mindset to be? Start flexing the muscle to change your ways. Take a good look at what might be stopping you or how you think about a situation. Keep bringing your awareness to it, even if you don’t like what you see. Together these steps will lead you closer to reaching what you ultimately want. The goal, the change or the resolution.

It’s easy to get lost in comparison as we are infiltrated with so much inspiration on social media nowadays. We can be lead to believe what we see is reality. Maybe it appears that someone was an overnight success, or we think how do they get it so easy? Let me tell you, they did not. My bet is they took time to develop their mindset and raise their awareness about what they really wanted. They worked their butt off to get there (and probably still are working their butts off).

Decide now to REALLY make a change this New Year. Pick one thing to focus on and work on changing your mindset to what you want it too look like. Raise your awareness around how you can move forward, or what’s holding you back. Know that it’s an ongoing process. It will be hard, you will muck up and you will completely forget. Don’t let this hold you back, have patience and commitment and make 2017 your best year yet!




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Spring Is In - Winter Is Out ALMOST!

"September I'm going to master you!" - Elise Carver
Photo - Leah Wilson Photography

Photo - Leah Wilson Photography

It's be a turbulent reflective past few months for me. From what I gather it has been like that for most people! If you're anything like me, being online and in Social Media land has been the least of your concerns and getting back in touch with who you are and what you want for yourself is the ONLY thing worth focusing on.

Even though I'm now BACK (I can hear the cheers from here! haha) on the Blog, it's still all about focusing on YOU. Unless you've been living under a rock you would know its "officially" Spring now. Even though the weather would like you to think otherwise!

So, instead of seeing this as a shitty teaser, I want you to see it as a reminder that Tee, Short Shorts and Surfing weather are only just around the corner. BUT you have time to work on the Winter Bluesy bits before it gets here!

I want you to do these 3 things to get yourself in the MOOOOOOD for a fresh new Summery YOU -

Photo - Matt Greenhough @Van_Tura

Photo - Matt Greenhough @Van_Tura

  • FOLLOW ME ON INSTA - I'm running a "30 Tips for an EPIC Spring" thingy, giving you daily inspo and tips to get you geared up!
  • TEST OUT THE SURF STYLE TRAINING WEBSITE - Take advantage of the 7 Day Free Trial and check out the 20+ Workout Videos, Healthy Eating Tools, Additional Fitness Info, Workout Plans, Stretch Video's and MORE to come!
  • GET 7-9 HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT - One of the simplest, most enjoyable things you can do is to give yourself MORE ENERGY!





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Surf Style Training FINALLY ONLINE!


9 years seeking to make a difference, 16 months of planning, 20 + workout videos filmed! COUNTLESS weather & wind checks (which is bloody annoying when you live on the Surfcoast of Victoria!) and numerous late nights to meet self imposed deadlines...and it's finally finished :)

Excuse me...proud moment!!!!

I am happy to announce the Surf Style Training membership website is now live and ready for YOU to sign up and take Surf Style Training home!

SST - What You Get.png


To show how grateful I am for your dedication to my newsletter (despite my inconsistency of late! Now you know why!) I want to offer you 10% OFF a years membership (usually $99) - available once for YOU only and only valid till the 31st of April 1016.

Learn more about where the Surf Style method came from if you want to see what all the fuss is about before redeeming your Little Bantam newsletter gift. Then sign up for a FREE TRIAL and test it out!

I would love to hear your thoughts or if you have any questions feel free to email me at elise@littlebantamhealthandfitness.com.au

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Restart Health Escape 15' Day 3

Day 3 we hit the road at 7:30am for a hard and fast lesson at Dragon Mauy Thai! We went through a solid 2 hours of technique training, drills, combo punches and bag work not to mention A LOT of push ups! Other than the push ups (I'm not a fan) it was a fantastic session, engaging the Core and Obliques including a Cardiovascular challenge.

After Mauy Thai we found a small but healthy Raw Foods place down the road from the gym, they even go to the effort of listing Calories, Fats, Proteins and Carbs for each smoothie they make. Not to mention they use Nuzest Vegetable Protein one of my favs!





Of course I gorged myself on their Muscle Builder smoothie and stocked up on a few RAW sweet treats to go ;) Because balance is the key right!


The rest of the day was left to free time and of course a re match at Volleyball, by this point we where just about cooked for the day and well and truly ready for our first Yoga session with Pearl, our local Thai yoga teacher.

For 1.5 hours we where guided through a flowing practice looking out over Cape Panwa Bay. A perfect end to another day!

Coming Up Day 4 - Thai Cooking School!

All Images By: Fiona Peters Photography

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Restart Health Escape 15' Day 2

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Today we got a little sleep in to finally cure the Jet lag, starting with a the first Surf Style Training session at 7am followed by a big buffet breaky. Once every one had stumbled down to the grassy knoll over looking the ocean we went through a Balance Strength and Core session.

Covered in sweat and a little parched after training in the warmer than normal conditions we all went up to enjoy breakfast at the hotel before hitting the road to see a few beautiful temples at Wat Chalong then time for lunch

We stopped in at Eang@Pier overlooking Chalong Bay for an amazing yet SPICY seafood session. We did the shellfish workout and luckily no one pulled a muscles....haha, no? Not funny? crickets....

Next we visited the Phuket Extrem Adventure park for 3 hours of High Ropes courses, including climbing and balance challenges!

Photo's By: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo's By: Fiona Peters Photography

Working through 4 different levels, I was in my element and the best thing about it was you had to WORK to get to where you wanted to go using strength, core engagement and "laser focus" for balance moves, demonstrated by Helen one of the legendary participants on the trip!

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Lastly we visited Big Buddha a huge statue on top of a hill made out of millions of small white tiles, you could even buy one and write your message to be added to the inside of the building. I made a donation in exchange for a little blessing instead, from a monk after admiring the beauty of the enormous monument to peace and prosperity.

Very touching :)


After that we where just about done for the day, so we headed back to Cape Panwa Radisson for a wind down, getting ready for a nice dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 2 down and another 5 to go!

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Restart Health Escape 15' Day 1

Arrival Day + Intro to Surf Style Training

The first day of the Restart Health Escape started at 12noon, with half of the group having checked in to the beautiful hill side Radisson Hotel Phuket. We had just enough to play a fun game of volley ball. My first in a long time and needless to say I almost took myself out a few times diving for the ball!

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Now to say that the Radisson is comfortable would be an understatement. The multi level complex of luxury is laden with pools and daybeds encouraging you to relax and enjoy a beautiful holiday over looking the Cape Panwa coastline.

BUT we are here to get fit and have fun!


Wrapping up the beach session and games with a few goals for the future like perfecting our SUP boarding skills we took ourselves to the hotel pool side bar for a yummy lunch and fresh coconuts.

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

By 5pm the rest of the crew arrived and it was time to go through Core Engagement the Surf Style Training way before easing into an Active Stretch session focusing on Hamstrings, Hips, Groins and Shoulders. Rolling off the floor as we all recover from Jetlag we got ready and went across the road for some local Thai food followed by a trip to Phuket town market.

Needless to say most of the stales where the same till we hit the food section! So many smells, so much happening it was hard to tell what was savory and what was sweet, Self select Sushi, Hot Pots, all sorts of meat on a stick not to mention a few bug stands. Not my cup of tea but they actually smelt good!

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

A few small and slightly questionable sweet treats later and we where all reedy to hit the hay heading straight for our mini bus to head "home". My last thought, I miss my better half but damn it's good to have a King Size bed all to myself!

Coming Up - DAY 2 - Surf Style Training and the High Ropes Course!

Interested in taking part in the next Restart Health Escape with ME?! Sign up to the newsletter HERE and stay tuned for 2016 dates!


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Get Beach Body Ready NOW!

Summers just round the corner...quick PANIC!!!

No don't! I was kidding! I know spring is all about getting your butt into gear, kick starting your healthy eating plan, spring cleaning your pantry and starting that fitness goal you've been putting off.

But really, slow down...you're just making things WORSE! You know that saying "money is the root of all evil" well so is panic + stress. These are the anti motivators, the fly in your green smoothie, the - you get the picture!

Stress + panic is shit when it comes to working towards a fitter and healthier you!

Not only that but running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, busting out deadlines and in realistic food plans is a recipe for disaster! Do you really think that raw, vegan, dairy, gluten, yeast free diet you’ve never attempted before is going to be sustainable for YOU? Really?

Instead, try treating October like any other month. A transformation, whether into the next stage in your health + fitness journey OR the very first step, it’s like any other month in the year where you make a conscious decision to lead a strong, balanced and harmonic lifestyle.

That being said, in the spirit of all things Australian Summer I have put together a #BeachBodyReadyWorkout using some of my favourite Surf Style Training movements for you to use over the coming months.

Thanks to the team at Mazarine Aqua you can get the full workout video FREE! Just sign up to access the video online, no equipment needed, take it anywhere!

Looking for more #SurfStyleTraining workouts stay tuned for the release of the Surf Style Training membership website coming soon! In the mean time give the #BeachBodyReadyWorkout a crack and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Be Like The Turtle, Comfortable On Your Own Shell" - Bill Copeland

With so many extreme diets, extreme training systems and extreme points of view about how YOU should be getting healthy and fit. It's hard to know what is actually best for YOU. I emphasis the YOU because no one else can be YOU or know how you feel about YOU and what is best for YOU!


What I'm trying to say is we are all individual and everyone works differently. Reaching your health and fitness goals shouldn't be dictated by what someone else tells you to do and achieve, but what you deem to be relevant for you right now.

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Making a decision to be healthier & fitter is great and I encourage everyone to try and do so, but a vital part of this process is to be realistic about what it is you wish to accomplish. What you would be honestly happy with achieving? And once you have it, is that way of being really sustainable for you at this stage in your life?

So often clients tell me "I want a six lack like that guy! Like ABS yeah!” Then I ask them what their plans are for the weekend and they tell me they're going out for an engagement party for a few drink or something like "I'll start the healthy eating next week because I have my friends birthday and another friend is making the cake and it would be rude of me if I didn't have a piece to support her culinary creativity!"

Now you're probably waiting for me to tell you that these people and their excuses are wrong. Actually what's wrong is that they have now made it impossible for themselves to achieve their goal! Not because the weekend social events are the “devils tea party” but because they set goals that they don't really want to achieve!

Somewhere along the line reality needs to set in and we need to understand that there is a balance that must take place. Sure! If boiled chicken and steamed veg is a regular meal for you and you train 4 days a week already, I would say having a 6 pack by summer is realistic. But realism varies depending on who you are, what level of healthy & fit you’re at and how you'd really like to live your life!

If you enjoy a tipple from time to time, if you are exhausted come Friday night and you just don't feel like going to that spin class (I HATE spin btw!) then don't! Now own that decision! It's time to stand up (or sit down comfortably) and own the choices YOU make!

Be OK with the actions you take, be OK with a balance between that relaxing luxurious lifestyle and your fitness freak alter ego! In a world of extremes we need to learn to tone it down, still enjoying the simple things in life while we work to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Being emotionally comfortable with who you are and the decisions you make counts for a lot - less stress, less pressure, further acceptance.

My tip this month - OWN the decision YOU make and be OK with it!

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EC x

**Come and join me for a little relaxation and fit freakishness in Thailand with Restart Health Escapes this October 31st – November 7th. Details can be found at http://www.restartescapes.com.au