Restart Health Escape 15' Day 3

Day 3 we hit the road at 7:30am for a hard and fast lesson at Dragon Mauy Thai! We went through a solid 2 hours of technique training, drills, combo punches and bag work not to mention A LOT of push ups! Other than the push ups (I'm not a fan) it was a fantastic session, engaging the Core and Obliques including a Cardiovascular challenge.

After Mauy Thai we found a small but healthy Raw Foods place down the road from the gym, they even go to the effort of listing Calories, Fats, Proteins and Carbs for each smoothie they make. Not to mention they use Nuzest Vegetable Protein one of my favs!





Of course I gorged myself on their Muscle Builder smoothie and stocked up on a few RAW sweet treats to go ;) Because balance is the key right!


The rest of the day was left to free time and of course a re match at Volleyball, by this point we where just about cooked for the day and well and truly ready for our first Yoga session with Pearl, our local Thai yoga teacher.

For 1.5 hours we where guided through a flowing practice looking out over Cape Panwa Bay. A perfect end to another day!

Coming Up Day 4 - Thai Cooking School!

All Images By: Fiona Peters Photography

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EC x