A Healthy Morning Routine & Challenge

Hi Familiars,

It's safe to say that starting small is the way to go when creating habits, especially healthy ones! In a world saturated by, well, fats (pardon the pun), sugars, fast food, televisions, electronic devices and general laziness it tough to keep yourself motivated!

One of the best things I heard from one of my Groms (17 years old) was when she told me that every time she gets bored she gets up and trains! I was so impressed, not even I do that! It's just too tempting to sit down and take a load off from my busy day by enjoying an episode of Teen Wolf (yes yes I know! Pathetic but soooo good!). It takes just a little more persuasion on my part to get moving instead....and today that's what I'm asking YOU to do!

Just get moving!

We're going to start this process towards healthy habits with an easy morning routine, starting small and ending up BIG! Big changes that is.

Wake up

Try to wake up 1hr before you have to hit the road, allowing you to wake up properly before starting your day!

Lemon & Water

Drink 1 room temp OR warm glass of water with a
squeeze of Lemon Juice.
Alternatively you can add a spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.
Perfect way to morning hydrate and begin cleansing your insides and fire up your metabolism.

15 – 20min Walk

Of course you can go for a ride or swim if you like. The purpose of this is to get your body moving, waking up and lubricating your joints ready for the day ahead. Also aiding in a well working metabolism.

Planks (1min)

If the regular morning routine is new for you just begin
with one 60sec Plank.

You can refer to a “How Too Plank Properly” video HERE.


It’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing!

I recommend alternating your breaky food between a nice grain free Muesli or Granola with Fruit & Yogurt. To Eggs, poached, scrambled or baked with Avocado and Mushrooms.

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Big Love,