Easy (BUT effective) Snack Time Core Workout!

Hi Familiars,

Ever set yourself the goal to train when you get home? After a big day at work? Or once all the "important" stuff is done?

THEN...It NEVER happens!!!

I know this all too well, even the best intentions are left at the way side and then you feel like shit because you didn't GET IT DONE! So why not think outside the box?

I'm talking about 5 exercises, spread out, throughout the day, during your "snack" time!

All you need to do is find 5 lots of 5 minute breaks and get through 3 sets of 15 - for each exercise!

Alternatively, if you're feeling motivated in the morning, try to bang out 1 set of each FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!

1. Side Planks

These can be done on your knees or feet depending on the intensity you are after. Hold for 60secs each side.

2. Chair Knee Tucks 

Make sure you are sitting up tall, avoiding any curve in your back. 20 Tucks per set.

3. V Sit Hold 

Sit up tall and draw the belly INTO your spine. Legs can be held straight for higher intensity. 60sec hold.

4. Reverse Plank Hip Raises

Don't let your hips touch the floor and squeeze your shoulder blades together. 20 hip raises per set.

5. Box Jumps OR Step Ups 

If jumping onto the step is too much, step up, alternating feet as you go. For a little extra abdominal work, tuck the knees into your chest at the top! 20 step ups in total OR 15 jumps.

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Big Love,