It All Starts With One Step!

Hey LB Fans,

Now that we have passed the vortex month of January and the year 2015 has "officially" begun, it really is time to GET MOVING! Often taking the first step to begin your positive motion can be the hardest but I'm hear to tell you that you're not alone and now is NOT the time to be hard on yourself!

Keep it simple and JUST MOVE, whether one step, one walk, one Plank or one surf...starting with ONE makes it all more achievable. Once you've conquered one then we can move onto two (also known as the next step!)

So what will your ONE be?

Here's a few suggestions below, try ONE of these today and really notice how GOOD you feel after you've your first step towards JUST MOVING 

20Mins Early Morning Walk

Daily Plank  - How To Plank Video HERE!

Morning Active Stretch Routine - 10 to 15min Routine HERE!

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Big Love,