Lets Get YOU Some HEALTHY HABITS for 2'15!

Hi Familiars,

It's a new year and as most would say time for a new you! BUT tell me first what's wrong with the old you?! Why do we need to change everything about ourselves? Why can't we just look to make improvements to the original you, that will stick instead?

I'm all about creating habits and for the first half of the year I want to help you create YOUR HEALTHY ONES!

I'm talking about the following.

  • Eating clean

  • Feeling lean

  • Avoiding processed sugars

  • Choosing healthier options

  • Staying active

  • Making fitness fun

  • Trying something new

  • Getting up instead of getting bored

  • Staying hydrated

  • Making workouts

  • Completing workouts

  • Getting to really know your body

  • Being excited about healthy food

  • Making takeaway a once-in-a-while treat!

  • Catching waves (metaphorically and literally!)

  • Waking up early

  • Starting the day with movement

  • Feeling fresh when you wake up

  • Finding the balance between strong & flexible

  • just to name a few......

ALL OF THESE can be yours! So get excited, get yourself AMPED, it's time to polish off the old to FEEL completely new!

A few small tasks to get you started 

1. Get yourself a post it pad
2. Buy a fresh new text or pen, make sure you LOVE writing with it!
3. Write down & post up all the things YOU WANT for yourself in the year 2015
4. Imagine you at your BEST and post them EVERYWHERE!

Spend the next week getting ready, practicing what you can amongst your post it mania and I'll be in touch early next week for the next steps!

HAPPY 2015!

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Big Love,