THE TRUTH About A Stand Up Desk

"Stand up, sit less and move more." -

As I stand here at my own makeshift stand up desk I've been contemplating the THE TRUTH about the stand up desk experience. Honestly it's not all it's cracked up to be! YES YES, this is the lazy in me talking, but it is damn hard to stand in one spot for more than...10 MINUTES without getting the fidgets, wanting to lean on something or being distracted by tea making or food foraging! Anything to get me away from my desk!

Now I'm not normally the "Sit at my desk for ages because it feels so good to take a load off!" type. BUT I am MISSING IT! So I wanted to share with you some of my observations and yes, discomforts with working at a STAND UP DESK!

Pros & Cons (I mixed them in together so you get the right picture, think of it as my thought process)

  • This is going to take some getting used to, that ergonomic chair looks so comfy...

  • Simply stacking books for a laptop isn't ideal

  • You definitely need the computer at eye level and keyboard below shoulder level

  • It's easy to fall into bad posture, I even find myself
    locking my knees

  • I work fast because all I want to do is walk instead

  • No wonder people loss some weight just from standing, my muscles are so ACTIVE!

  • My neck is hurting from looking down at the screen

  • Not digging this laptop mousepad, missing my mouse :(

  • Lean lean lean, all I want to do is LEAN, on my desk,
    on my laptop, ANYTHING it's tough but I've been standing and working now for 45mins and the conclusion I have come to is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION! Duh!

I liked this post from on The Health Benefits Of Standing Versus Sitting, check it out for some great references. I'm no expert on OFFICE ERGONOMICS but I do know the body and standing for too long can be just as bad as sitting for too long. Leading to bad posture and exhausted lower half.

My recommendations if you're looking into the standing desk method -

  • Stand for 20/Sit for 20/Walk for 5 in between

  • If you spend your week at a desk, invest in a PROPER Ergonomic Standing Desk

  • WATCH your posture - AVOID locked knees, rolled shoulders and draw your belly IN!

  • Get yourself a Fitball or Ergonomic chair to sit on

  • WATCH your posture while you sit!

  • STRETCH your Shoulders & Hips - everyday X3

  • Make sure you're wearing GOOD SHOES

Now I'm going to take the dogs for a walk and move my static
standing bones! ;)

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Big Love,

EC x