We all do it, even me. WE make our health and fitness regime BORING!


Either from lack of inspiration or playing it safe with the same old routine, we struggle to get creative with our health and fitness plan from time to time.

I’m going to share with you some of the things I do to keep my health and fitness regime INTERESTING! So you too can stay on track to your goals and be ENGAGED by what you are doing day to day.


Whether you have a gym membership or go to a bootcamp class at the park, you are still surround by the same scene every week. It’s time to get out and ADVENTURE!

Adventure (noun) - an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

Go somewhere NEW that offers hiking, bike riding, long walking tracks, rock climbing or something similar.

There are so many amazing places in Australia that offer all these things and more!

I recently went on a 1.5hr hike around the You Yangs and loved it! My legs where worked and I felt invigorated!


Recovery is such an important part of being fit and healthy!

Instead of doing the usual Yoga class or bath at home try some of my suggestions for an indulgent and effective recovery below–


We’ve all seen and heard on contemporary dance, yes? This is a dance movement based on self expression. The dancers move in a way that feels good!

You can do the same. All you need to do is put some music on and start moving. I’m not saying you have to actually dance, but somewhere hidden in that big memory bank of yours is a whole cache of exercises you have done before that can be combined together to create something challenging for the body! Commit 30 minutes to being actively creative each week!


Don't be boring, mix it up and share your fitness adventures with me via insta using #mysurfstylefitness!

Restart Health Escape 15' Day 3

Day 3 we hit the road at 7:30am for a hard and fast lesson at Dragon Mauy Thai! We went through a solid 2 hours of technique training, drills, combo punches and bag work not to mention A LOT of push ups! Other than the push ups (I'm not a fan) it was a fantastic session, engaging the Core and Obliques including a Cardiovascular challenge.

After Mauy Thai we found a small but healthy Raw Foods place down the road from the gym, they even go to the effort of listing Calories, Fats, Proteins and Carbs for each smoothie they make. Not to mention they use Nuzest Vegetable Protein one of my favs!





Of course I gorged myself on their Muscle Builder smoothie and stocked up on a few RAW sweet treats to go ;) Because balance is the key right!


The rest of the day was left to free time and of course a re match at Volleyball, by this point we where just about cooked for the day and well and truly ready for our first Yoga session with Pearl, our local Thai yoga teacher.

For 1.5 hours we where guided through a flowing practice looking out over Cape Panwa Bay. A perfect end to another day!

Coming Up Day 4 - Thai Cooking School!

All Images By: Fiona Peters Photography

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Restart Health Escape 15' Day 2

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Today we got a little sleep in to finally cure the Jet lag, starting with a the first Surf Style Training session at 7am followed by a big buffet breaky. Once every one had stumbled down to the grassy knoll over looking the ocean we went through a Balance Strength and Core session.

Covered in sweat and a little parched after training in the warmer than normal conditions we all went up to enjoy breakfast at the hotel before hitting the road to see a few beautiful temples at Wat Chalong then time for lunch

We stopped in at Eang@Pier overlooking Chalong Bay for an amazing yet SPICY seafood session. We did the shellfish workout and luckily no one pulled a muscles....haha, no? Not funny? crickets....

Next we visited the Phuket Extrem Adventure park for 3 hours of High Ropes courses, including climbing and balance challenges!

Photo's By: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo's By: Fiona Peters Photography

Working through 4 different levels, I was in my element and the best thing about it was you had to WORK to get to where you wanted to go using strength, core engagement and "laser focus" for balance moves, demonstrated by Helen one of the legendary participants on the trip!

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Lastly we visited Big Buddha a huge statue on top of a hill made out of millions of small white tiles, you could even buy one and write your message to be added to the inside of the building. I made a donation in exchange for a little blessing instead, from a monk after admiring the beauty of the enormous monument to peace and prosperity.

Very touching :)


After that we where just about done for the day, so we headed back to Cape Panwa Radisson for a wind down, getting ready for a nice dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 2 down and another 5 to go!

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Restart Health Escape 15' Day 1

Arrival Day + Intro to Surf Style Training

The first day of the Restart Health Escape started at 12noon, with half of the group having checked in to the beautiful hill side Radisson Hotel Phuket. We had just enough to play a fun game of volley ball. My first in a long time and needless to say I almost took myself out a few times diving for the ball!

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Now to say that the Radisson is comfortable would be an understatement. The multi level complex of luxury is laden with pools and daybeds encouraging you to relax and enjoy a beautiful holiday over looking the Cape Panwa coastline.

BUT we are here to get fit and have fun!


Wrapping up the beach session and games with a few goals for the future like perfecting our SUP boarding skills we took ourselves to the hotel pool side bar for a yummy lunch and fresh coconuts.

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

By 5pm the rest of the crew arrived and it was time to go through Core Engagement the Surf Style Training way before easing into an Active Stretch session focusing on Hamstrings, Hips, Groins and Shoulders. Rolling off the floor as we all recover from Jetlag we got ready and went across the road for some local Thai food followed by a trip to Phuket town market.

Needless to say most of the stales where the same till we hit the food section! So many smells, so much happening it was hard to tell what was savory and what was sweet, Self select Sushi, Hot Pots, all sorts of meat on a stick not to mention a few bug stands. Not my cup of tea but they actually smelt good!

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

A few small and slightly questionable sweet treats later and we where all reedy to hit the hay heading straight for our mini bus to head "home". My last thought, I miss my better half but damn it's good to have a King Size bed all to myself!

Coming Up - DAY 2 - Surf Style Training and the High Ropes Course!

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Time To Plan Your Active ADVENTURE!

Life is either a great adventure or nothing! - Helen Keller

 August is a tough time...simply, it's the last month of Winter here in Oz and most of us have had just about enough of frosty winds, layer upon layers of clothing and wicked killer ice cream headaches in the surf (or the deftness that comes with wearing a warm hood instead!).

BUT, there is one good thing about this time of year. Holidays are that much closer and it's the best time to get amped about GETTING AWAY! I'm here to encourage you to opt for the ADVENTUROUS holiday rather than the "I'm a lazy blob on the beach" holiday ;)

WHY? Because its a universal truth that the more you sit down the less you want to get up = the less you get up the stiffer, wobblier, weaker you get = you feel like shit! That's not to say the odd afternoon nap and massage shouldn't be a vital part of your next escape, but why not balance it out?

My recommendations for your next trip away 

Go Kayaking - awesome for sight seeing round beautiful island locations across the water

Walking/Hiking - taking you to new heights and the only thing you need is walking shoes!

Cultural Training Techniques - whether Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu. This is a great way to emerse yourself in local culture and perhaps discover a new fitness love

Snorkelling - Turtles, Fish, Coral sea beds, warm crystal clear water. Need I say more!

Bike Riding - Go for a trundle around the local streets, its cheap and you cam go as far as your legs will take you

Active Stretch/Yoga/Pilates - these days there is a mat placed out overlooking a beautiful setting, just waiting for you stretch out and strengthen while being inspired by your surroundings

Surfing/SUP Boarding - These water sport activities are great for full body strength and you get to flap about in the water for as long as you like!

Restart Health Escape - Thailand Accommodation

Restart Health Escape - Thailand Accommodation

So where to start? Well, you're just in luck! Surf Style Training is heading to THAILAND for the first overseas active adventure escape with Restart Health Escapes! I'm chomping at the bit and cannot wait for the 31st of October 2015!

If you'd like to join me in Thailand for some of the activities listed above including Surf Style Training, Cooking classes, lazy beach days and healthy conversations. Submit your email below and we'll send you through all the info you need ASAP!

Limit spaces available so get in quick to take advantage of your $250 OFF voucher (valid till 1st Oct) AND your fortnightly email guide on how to prep for your amazing trip ahead!

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