Time To Plan Your Active ADVENTURE!

Life is either a great adventure or nothing! - Helen Keller

 August is a tough time...simply, it's the last month of Winter here in Oz and most of us have had just about enough of frosty winds, layer upon layers of clothing and wicked killer ice cream headaches in the surf (or the deftness that comes with wearing a warm hood instead!).

BUT, there is one good thing about this time of year. Holidays are that much closer and it's the best time to get amped about GETTING AWAY! I'm here to encourage you to opt for the ADVENTUROUS holiday rather than the "I'm a lazy blob on the beach" holiday ;)

WHY? Because its a universal truth that the more you sit down the less you want to get up = the less you get up the stiffer, wobblier, weaker you get = you feel like shit! That's not to say the odd afternoon nap and massage shouldn't be a vital part of your next escape, but why not balance it out?

My recommendations for your next trip away 

Go Kayaking - awesome for sight seeing round beautiful island locations across the water

Walking/Hiking - taking you to new heights and the only thing you need is walking shoes!

Cultural Training Techniques - whether Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu. This is a great way to emerse yourself in local culture and perhaps discover a new fitness love

Snorkelling - Turtles, Fish, Coral sea beds, warm crystal clear water. Need I say more!

Bike Riding - Go for a trundle around the local streets, its cheap and you cam go as far as your legs will take you

Active Stretch/Yoga/Pilates - these days there is a mat placed out overlooking a beautiful setting, just waiting for you stretch out and strengthen while being inspired by your surroundings

Surfing/SUP Boarding - These water sport activities are great for full body strength and you get to flap about in the water for as long as you like!

Restart Health Escape - Thailand Accommodation

Restart Health Escape - Thailand Accommodation

So where to start? Well, you're just in luck! Surf Style Training is heading to THAILAND for the first overseas active adventure escape with Restart Health Escapes! I'm chomping at the bit and cannot wait for the 31st of October 2015!

If you'd like to join me in Thailand for some of the activities listed above including Surf Style Training, Cooking classes, lazy beach days and healthy conversations. Submit your email below and we'll send you through all the info you need ASAP!

Limit spaces available so get in quick to take advantage of your $250 OFF voucher (valid till 1st Oct) AND your fortnightly email guide on how to prep for your amazing trip ahead!

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EC x


Active Stretch with Rosy and Organic Avenue Aus

Active Stretch with Rosy and Organic Avenue Aus

A few weeks ago the WSL Bells Beach Pro was on in Torquay Victoria. Bringing to our shores an array of amazing athletes, thanks to Organic Avenue & O'Neill Womens I was given the opportunity to work with a few of the professional athletes and pick their brains about their health and fitness!

Over a few days I took Nikki Van Dijk, Rosy Hodge, Malia Manuel and Whitney Gilmore (Steph's gorgeous older sister) through Active Stretch classes and Surf Style Training asking them how they stay strong, fit and balanced during the tour.

This us what I found -

Active Stretch with Malia Manuel  - Fiona Peters Photography

Active Stretch with Malia Manuel  - Fiona Peters Photography

  • Rosy and Nikki love to run, most days
  • Malia is all about Yoga when she is traveling
  • All the girl eat extremely well
  • They love to visit the local coffee shops and cafes in each town
  • Early mornings are their thing
  • All the girls train hard, in the water, out of the water
  • But not so much between heats, saving their energy for the main event
  • Recover is a BIG DEAL for these ladies
  • Hydration is on the top of their list including plenty of sleep
  • They still deal with things like tight muscles, sore backs and tight hips whenever they don't stretch
  • All of them are strong women, with healthy bodies and looking good is a bonus for them

It was nice to discover that these superhuman humans are human (haha) too and suffer from some of the same ailments as us normal people! What I discovered above everything else is that EVERYONE gets to an elite level of fitness through EFFORT! Working hard! Being consistent with recovery! Check out the FULL GALLERY HERE!

Willem Dirk Photography

Willem Dirk Photography

Nikki, Myself, Whit & Stef from ORGANIC AVENUE AU

Nikki, Myself, Whit & Stef from ORGANIC AVENUE AU

Willem Dirk Photography

Willem Dirk Photography

As a bonus I got to receive feedback about the Surf Style Training and Active Stretch programs I went through with them. And stoked! The feedback great, especially about the Active Stretch class which seem to present the real need for more guided stretch classes to be available as I suspected!

END NOTE - Try to stretch everyday, at least 10 - 15 minutes. If you can fit in a deep stretch through Yoga, Active Stretch or a longer session at least once in the week would give you a great recovery boost!

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EC x


"I feel the worst I've ever felt and it's well past new years!" - Anonymous Client

Isn't that the way...the year starts, we hit the ground running, have a few false starts, by March finally feel like we're getting on track and then BOOM! Easter comes along! Hot Cross (Sugary) Buns, mountains of chocolate eggs, house parties, big dinners and for us folk in Victoria the Ripcurl Pro at Bells Beach gets underway, making for an even crazier time of year!

Needless to say we get to the first working day back and we're scratching our heads wondering, how could we be sick (I have a head cold as we speak!)? What the hell did I scoff down? And where did the long weekend go?!

I'm here to tell you...

You're not naughty, you're human and everyone can start fresh!

Me? Yes well I was naughty too ;) So  I decided I need to prep and RECOVER from the cheeky Gluten Free (but sugar filled) HCB and GF Choc Chip cookies I smashed! I have exactly 1 month till my Bali Holiday and I'm feeling less than confident about my surfing and current lack of energy.

I wanted to share with you my 4 week After Easter Clean Up Checklist!

This is what mine looks like -

Once you have downloaded the blank checklist (link above) it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to fill out your 6 focuses for each week of the month.

Keep it consistent, less is more making it easier to stick too. I have listed some of my recommendations below -

  • Daily Walks
  • Water Intake (1Ltr per 30Kgs)
  • Stretching
  • Highly Active FUN Exercise
  • Core Strength Training (Try my 7 Day Core Challenge Package)
  • Lemon Juice & Warm Water Daily

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EC x

THE TRUTH About A Stand Up Desk

"Stand up, sit less and move more." - Lifehacker.com.au

As I stand here at my own makeshift stand up desk I've been contemplating the THE TRUTH about the stand up desk experience. Honestly it's not all it's cracked up to be! YES YES, this is the lazy in me talking, but it is damn hard to stand in one spot for more than...10 MINUTES without getting the fidgets, wanting to lean on something or being distracted by tea making or food foraging! Anything to get me away from my desk!

Now I'm not normally the "Sit at my desk for ages because it feels so good to take a load off!" type. BUT I am MISSING IT! So I wanted to share with you some of my observations and yes, discomforts with working at a STAND UP DESK!

Pros & Cons (I mixed them in together so you get the right picture, think of it as my thought process)

  • This is going to take some getting used to, that ergonomic chair looks so comfy...
  • Simply stacking books for a laptop isn't ideal
  • You definitely need the computer at eye level and keyboard below shoulder level
  • It's easy to fall into bad posture, I even find myself
    locking my knees

  • I work fast because all I want to do is walk instead

  • No wonder people loss some weight just from standing, my muscles are so ACTIVE!
  • My neck is hurting from looking down at the screen
  • Not digging this laptop mousepad, missing my mouse :(
  • Lean lean lean, all I want to do is LEAN, on my desk,
    on my laptop, ANYTHING

Yep...so it's tough but I've been standing and working now for 45mins and the conclusion I have come to is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION! Duh!

I liked this post from Lifehacker.com.au on The Health Benefits Of Standing Versus Sitting, check it out for some great references. I'm no expert on OFFICE ERGONOMICS but I do know the body and standing for too long can be just as bad as sitting for too long. Leading to bad posture and exhausted lower half.

My recommendations if you're looking into the standing desk method -

  • Stand for 20/Sit for 20/Walk for 5 in between
  • If you spend your week at a desk, invest in a PROPER Ergonomic Standing Desk
  • WATCH your posture - AVOID locked knees, rolled shoulders and draw your belly IN!
  • Get yourself a Fitball or Ergonomic chair to sit on
  • WATCH your posture while you sit!
  • STRETCH your Shoulders & Hips - everyday X3
  • Make sure you're wearing GOOD SHOES

Now I'm going to take the dogs for a walk and move my static
standing bones! ;)

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Big Love,

EC x

House Bound and Healing! - YES ME!

"Time heals all wounds" - Some Wise Person

Here I lie (because I cannot sit!) or over there at my desk I stand (because I absolutely CANNOT SIT!) yep I'm house ridden or rest ridden I should say. Because simply, I dropped the ball.

If you think that all athlete's, INSTA Famous Fitspo Inspirational Icons, Personal Trainers, health professionals and anyone who boast to know the secrets of the fitness world, don't injure themselves YOUR DEAD WRONG!

In fact as I lie here I realise that the one thing that makes me good at what I do is knowing just how SHIT it is to have an injury and be unable to do the things I enjoy!

MY SITCH -  last week I had a sore lower back, my Minor Lumbar Scoliosis can play up sometimes and I need to watch how I move. So I went into my Chiro/Sport Specialist had a good rub down by the Remedial girls and was told to rest up for a few days. That my Hip Flexor's are too tight (MY BAD! NOT ENOUGH STRETCHING!) so stretch them and I need to ice my back regularly.

I went surfing the next day....IDIOT!

3 Surfs, 1 Rock Climbing session and 7 days later, I CAN'T MOVE!
I messed up, I didn't listen and I didn't rest! So, I now have inflamed discs and have been strictly advised to self massage, stand up or lie down, ice ice baby and avoid bending forward or any rotational movement for the next week! And it finally HOT outside!

My message to you:

It is not our lack of injuries that make us better at taking care of our bodies, but the LESSONS WE LEARN from dealing with and overcoming our poor health & limitations. Next time you're injured, feeling physically uncomfortable or thinking about "PUSHING THROUGH" think better of it. You'll thank yourself in the long run! Recovery takes time, so read a book or something ;)

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Big Love,