COUNCIL REQUEST LETTER - Bring Food Waste Collection to Surfcoast Shire

Hey Legends!

After the Recycling Crisis announcement I made the other week, I have been set on a path outside of myself to work towards encouraging my local Surfcoast Shire to become one of the most sustainable councils in Australia.

One of the first things I would like to encourage is the implementation of the Anglesea Food Waste Collection that was piloted recently to 3000 homes. The results where great and having reduced the landfill collection by 22% in a few short months. As a whole, the Surfcoast Shires landfill consists of about 67% organics and food waste, which leaves an enormous opportunity for landfill reduction that isn’t otherwise being utilised.

I have been advised by a council member that NOW IS THE BEST TIME to send an urgent email or postal requests to the Councils Mayor Rose Hodge and council members Brian McKetrick & Martin Duke to express our interest in the program being implemented throughout the rest of the Surfcoast Shire.

I have put a letter together and sent it off, but want to offer YOU the template to fill out your details and send off on behalf of your household. The more requests they receive the better the chance of having this happen sooner rather than later.

This is an urgent matter, for our local community, for Victoria and Australia wide, not to mention the health of our planet! I urge you to take action and send your own letter off.


Mayor -

Cr Rose Hodge -

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