Active Stretch with Rosy and Organic Avenue Aus

Active Stretch with Rosy and Organic Avenue Aus

A few weeks ago the WSL Bells Beach Pro was on in Torquay Victoria. Bringing to our shores an array of amazing athletes, thanks to Organic Avenue & O'Neill Womens I was given the opportunity to work with a few of the professional athletes and pick their brains about their health and fitness!

Over a few days I took Nikki Van Dijk, Rosy Hodge, Malia Manuel and Whitney Gilmore (Steph's gorgeous older sister) through Active Stretch classes and Surf Style Training asking them how they stay strong, fit and balanced during the tour.

This us what I found -

Active Stretch with Malia Manuel  - Fiona Peters Photography

Active Stretch with Malia Manuel  - Fiona Peters Photography

  • Rosy and Nikki love to run, most days
  • Malia is all about Yoga when she is traveling
  • All the girl eat extremely well
  • They love to visit the local coffee shops and cafes in each town
  • Early mornings are their thing
  • All the girls train hard, in the water, out of the water
  • But not so much between heats, saving their energy for the main event
  • Recover is a BIG DEAL for these ladies
  • Hydration is on the top of their list including plenty of sleep
  • They still deal with things like tight muscles, sore backs and tight hips whenever they don't stretch
  • All of them are strong women, with healthy bodies and looking good is a bonus for them

It was nice to discover that these superhuman humans are human (haha) too and suffer from some of the same ailments as us normal people! What I discovered above everything else is that EVERYONE gets to an elite level of fitness through EFFORT! Working hard! Being consistent with recovery! Check out the FULL GALLERY HERE!

Willem Dirk Photography

Willem Dirk Photography

Nikki, Myself, Whit & Stef from ORGANIC AVENUE AU

Nikki, Myself, Whit & Stef from ORGANIC AVENUE AU

Willem Dirk Photography

Willem Dirk Photography

As a bonus I got to receive feedback about the Surf Style Training and Active Stretch programs I went through with them. And stoked! The feedback great, especially about the Active Stretch class which seem to present the real need for more guided stretch classes to be available as I suspected!

END NOTE - Try to stretch everyday, at least 10 - 15 minutes. If you can fit in a deep stretch through Yoga, Active Stretch or a longer session at least once in the week would give you a great recovery boost!

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The conquering of Yosemite - Dawn Wall!

For those of you unfamiliar with the world of Rock Climbing and for those of you who know what I'm talking about...I wanted to share my gratitude for some serious killer inspiration!

You may have heard a little about two guys who stand around 6 foot tall, climbing this chunk of rock called the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park, USA. The thought of climbing anything for most people is impressive motivation but let me share with you a few jaw dropping stats about their 19 day ADVENTURE...

 > Climbers - Tommy Caldwell & Kevin Jorgeson

> El Capitan Dawn Wall stands at 3000 Feet

> Pitches (sections in which climbers can stop for a moments rest) 31

> Climb Completed - 1 expedition, 19 days

> Type of Rock - slab granite, small 2 finger holds and slippery!

> Training for Climb - 7 years in the making!

> Tommy only has 9 fingers

To say these guys are dedicated is an understatement! In my 17 years of climbing I have always been blown away by the sheer determination of most rock climbers but this amazing feet has blown my mind!
They both slept in tents hanging off the rock wall suspended in mid air!

Weather male or female, this successful expedition just goes to show that as humans we are capable of anything and good things TAKE TIME!

Work hard and you will reap the rewards, feeling mentally and physically successful on the road to a Strong, Balanced and Harmonic Life!

CONGRATULATION Tommy & Kevin, you smashed it out of the (National) Park!

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