Should Winter Change What You Eat?

I don't know a single person that doesn't crave starchy, salty, stewed, soupy, belly inflating food not to mention warm sweat dessert treats! Wow my stomach is swelling at the thought!

The funny thing about our food cravings is they are still physiologically set to the 19th century when we needed to stuff our faces with heavy, starchy, weight gaining foods to keep us WARM. Makes sense, but today...we have central, split system, ducted and epic solid fuel heating!

Hence why my meal plan BARELY CHANGES!


Think about it...if your body is working twice as hard to keep you warm, cells vibrating together to create friction takes work. On top of your regular active routine, it stands to reason that your output has increased without you really having to do anything!

Why not take advantage of this? Keeping a winter lean figure while implementing small changes in your diet to sate those Winter cravings -

  •  I introduced Yams, Parsnip, Pumpkin & Squash into fortnightly meals
  • In stews and slow cooks I opt for Quinoa instead of Barley and other heavy grains
  • Bright coloured veges are the basis for all of my dinners
  • I get my favourite yeast, gluten, sugar FREE vege stock for soups
  • I go for Raw Cacao with Honey or Rice Malt Syrup when I have a sweet tooth, perfect mixed with nuts and yogurt, on porridge or with warm Almond Milk
  • I always stew fruits like Granny Smith apples & rhubarb for a sweet breaky fix or snack with rice puffs and yogurt (recipe below)
  • I still avoid bread, pasta, processed sugars, yeast and regular drinking

A sweet treat for your taste buds over winter, this easy APPLE & RHUBARB STEWED FRUIT can be used on top of your muesli or porridge, under chopped nuts for a crumble or with yogurt as a snack :)



4 Granny Smith Apples
1 Bunch of Rhubarb, LEAVES OFF!
6 Cloves
2 Sticks of Cinnamon
1 Cup Water


  1. Wash, core and slice the apples roughly, skin on or skin off if you're a little picky.
  2. Wash and roughly chop the Rhubarb, and for goodness sake remove the leaves that are poisonous!
  3. Place apple, rhubarb, cloves, cinnamon and water in a pot, with enough room to boil.
  4. Bring mix to the boil then turn down to a low heat to slowly simmer away or about 2 hours, lid on.
  5. When done if you find the stew a little watery, drain the excess then remove the spices and store in the fridge in a good container.


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Combat Coat Hunch - Workout

I mentioned it a few years back and I'll mention it again, Winter and all it's heavy knits could be weighing you down...literally!

SPC's Up Close

SPC's Up Close

Neck pain, shoulder pain, rounded shoulders and bad posture are all symptoms exacerbated by the cold Winter weather. On top of that scrunching of the shoulders to hide from the chilly winds all this adds up to a not so pleasant season!

So how do we combat the "Winter Hunches"? As well as covering up as recommended in my previous BLOG '3 Truth's About Winter & You!' another preventative measure can be made...TRAINING! We're going to focus on Back strength to open the chest and improve posture, not to mention the added bonus of being able to lift your chest when paddling in the surf!

Practice these 2 simple movements for improving back & shoulder strength, at least two or three time a week. Remember to stretch after every session.


Single Arm Reverse Fly's 10 - 15 X 3 ea arm

*These can be done in a Plank position, on all fours or with a hand resting on a bench. Keep the elbow slightly bent, with your Wrist and Elbow inline at all times. Only moving from the Shoulder, lift the chosen weight up & down. Top of your hand should be facing the ceiling.


SINGLE ARM SPC's (Superman, Plane, Chicken)20 X 3

Superman - Plane - Chickens

Superman - Plane - Chickens

*In Superman hold the arms up to your ears, in Plane the arms are parallel to your Shoulders and in Chicken tuck the Arms right into your sides, Thumbs to your Shoulders. Moving smoothly through each position.

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Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

The coldest season of the year has landed in Oz, weather (get it? HAHA) you're struggling with a fresh 13 DG's in Sydney or suffering from frostbite in Victoria like me. Winter has officially arrived and our bodies have now been frozen into Popsicles!

With each season comes a whole new set of considerations for our health and I'm here to share some seasonal health & fitness tips you may not have been aware of.


Despite what the old blokes will tell you Surfing in the chilly water over winter does NOT clear a head cold, definitely not the flu! Yes you may feel the sinus fog wash away with every wave BUT the bone chilling waters will eventually cool your body to a desperately low temperature of which your body will need to combat to keep warm. Your body is now working in overdrive to maintain your ideal core temperature, snag a few waves and fight off your cold/flu! Thus extending the period of time in which it takes you to recover.

My TIP - if you must surf or get outside to train keep it to a reasonable 30 minutes.


so often we see people super keen to get their kit off IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! Crazy but it makes sense when you work hard and begin to heat up in the middle of doing Squat Jumps. Before you get excited and think 'Yay, I can flash my six pack all year round!' Get yourself a pair of trackies and a jumper to throw over the top of your training gear, because training when you're cold is breeding grounds for sprains and strains!

MY TIP - Keep the kit ON till you're well and truly toasty, then remove the layers and be modest about it! 


Yep believe it or not Scarves and other winter accoutrements prevent Winter neck strain! If you suffer from headaches, migraines and shoulder/neck pain there's a good chance that the winter breeze is to blame, contributing to this very shitty outcome. When your upper body is cold we tend to hunch over, scrunch our shoulders up in the attempt to shield ourselves from the cold. AVOID this problem and an increase to your Chiro bill by rugging up!

MY TIP - Beanies, scarves, jackets with high necks, turtle neck tops and ear muffs are all a good option. I've even invested in a new set of VERY LARGE headphones for my mornings walks.

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