July is here and so is that extra layer!

If you're like me then you'll be wanting to do something about the impending pooch well before it settles in! I have the solution...this months challenge is a kick up the ass! 14 Days of Core focused movement.

Utilizing the 7 Day Core Challenge (this is a free download when you sign up to my newsletter) two weeks over, we will go through all 6 workouts plus a recovery day, twice.

I'll be doing each workout to the best of my ability LIVE on my @littlebantamsurftrainer INSTAGRAM STORY! Stay tuned for updates, to join in!

In the mean time, download the below checklist and schedule in your first day!


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We all do it, even me. WE make our health and fitness regime BORING!


Either from lack of inspiration or playing it safe with the same old routine, we struggle to get creative with our health and fitness plan from time to time.

I’m going to share with you some of the things I do to keep my health and fitness regime INTERESTING! So you too can stay on track to your goals and be ENGAGED by what you are doing day to day.


Whether you have a gym membership or go to a bootcamp class at the park, you are still surround by the same scene every week. It’s time to get out and ADVENTURE!

Adventure (noun) - an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

Go somewhere NEW that offers hiking, bike riding, long walking tracks, rock climbing or something similar.

There are so many amazing places in Australia that offer all these things and more!

I recently went on a 1.5hr hike around the You Yangs and loved it! My legs where worked and I felt invigorated!


Recovery is such an important part of being fit and healthy!

Instead of doing the usual Yoga class or bath at home try some of my suggestions for an indulgent and effective recovery below–


We’ve all seen and heard on contemporary dance, yes? This is a dance movement based on self expression. The dancers move in a way that feels good!

You can do the same. All you need to do is put some music on and start moving. I’m not saying you have to actually dance, but somewhere hidden in that big memory bank of yours is a whole cache of exercises you have done before that can be combined together to create something challenging for the body! Commit 30 minutes to being actively creative each week!


Don't be boring, mix it up and share your fitness adventures with me via insta using #mysurfstylefitness!

Get Beach Body Ready NOW!

Summers just round the corner...quick PANIC!!!

No don't! I was kidding! I know spring is all about getting your butt into gear, kick starting your healthy eating plan, spring cleaning your pantry and starting that fitness goal you've been putting off.

But really, slow down...you're just making things WORSE! You know that saying "money is the root of all evil" well so is panic + stress. These are the anti motivators, the fly in your green smoothie, the - you get the picture!

Stress + panic is shit when it comes to working towards a fitter and healthier you!

Not only that but running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, busting out deadlines and in realistic food plans is a recipe for disaster! Do you really think that raw, vegan, dairy, gluten, yeast free diet you’ve never attempted before is going to be sustainable for YOU? Really?

Instead, try treating October like any other month. A transformation, whether into the next stage in your health + fitness journey OR the very first step, it’s like any other month in the year where you make a conscious decision to lead a strong, balanced and harmonic lifestyle.

That being said, in the spirit of all things Australian Summer I have put together a #BeachBodyReadyWorkout using some of my favourite Surf Style Training movements for you to use over the coming months.

Thanks to the team at Mazarine Aqua you can get the full workout video FREE! Just sign up to access the video online, no equipment needed, take it anywhere!

Looking for more #SurfStyleTraining workouts stay tuned for the release of the Surf Style Training membership website coming soon! In the mean time give the #BeachBodyReadyWorkout a crack and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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EC x

Combat Coat Hunch - Workout

I mentioned it a few years back and I'll mention it again, Winter and all it's heavy knits could be weighing you down...literally!

SPC's Up Close

SPC's Up Close

Neck pain, shoulder pain, rounded shoulders and bad posture are all symptoms exacerbated by the cold Winter weather. On top of that scrunching of the shoulders to hide from the chilly winds all this adds up to a not so pleasant season!

So how do we combat the "Winter Hunches"? As well as covering up as recommended in my previous BLOG '3 Truth's About Winter & You!' another preventative measure can be made...TRAINING! We're going to focus on Back strength to open the chest and improve posture, not to mention the added bonus of being able to lift your chest when paddling in the surf!

Practice these 2 simple movements for improving back & shoulder strength, at least two or three time a week. Remember to stretch after every session.


Single Arm Reverse Fly's 10 - 15 X 3 ea arm

*These can be done in a Plank position, on all fours or with a hand resting on a bench. Keep the elbow slightly bent, with your Wrist and Elbow inline at all times. Only moving from the Shoulder, lift the chosen weight up & down. Top of your hand should be facing the ceiling.


SINGLE ARM SPC's (Superman, Plane, Chicken)20 X 3

Superman - Plane - Chickens

Superman - Plane - Chickens

*In Superman hold the arms up to your ears, in Plane the arms are parallel to your Shoulders and in Chicken tuck the Arms right into your sides, Thumbs to your Shoulders. Moving smoothly through each position.

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EC x

Easy (BUT effective) Snack Time Core Workout!

Hi Familiars,

Ever set yourself the goal to train when you get home? After a big day at work? Or once all the "important" stuff is done?

THEN...It NEVER happens!!!

I know this all too well, even the best intentions are left at the way side and then you feel like shit because you didn't GET IT DONE! So why not think outside the box?

I'm talking about 5 exercises, spread out, throughout the day, during your "snack" time!

All you need to do is find 5 lots of 5 minute breaks and get through 3 sets of 15 - for each exercise!

Alternatively, if you're feeling motivated in the morning, try to bang out 1 set of each FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!

1. Side Planks

These can be done on your knees or feet depending on the intensity you are after. Hold for 60secs each side.

2. Chair Knee Tucks 

Make sure you are sitting up tall, avoiding any curve in your back. 20 Tucks per set.

3. V Sit Hold 

Sit up tall and draw the belly INTO your spine. Legs can be held straight for higher intensity. 60sec hold.

4. Reverse Plank Hip Raises

Don't let your hips touch the floor and squeeze your shoulder blades together. 20 hip raises per set.

5. Box Jumps OR Step Ups 

If jumping onto the step is too much, step up, alternating feet as you go. For a little extra abdominal work, tuck the knees into your chest at the top! 20 step ups in total OR 15 jumps.

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Big Love,

It All Starts With One Step!

Hey LB Fans,

Now that we have passed the vortex month of January and the year 2015 has "officially" begun, it really is time to GET MOVING! Often taking the first step to begin your positive motion can be the hardest but I'm hear to tell you that you're not alone and now is NOT the time to be hard on yourself!

Keep it simple and JUST MOVE, whether one step, one walk, one Plank or one surf...starting with ONE makes it all more achievable. Once you've conquered one then we can move onto two (also known as the next step!)

So what will your ONE be?

Here's a few suggestions below, try ONE of these today and really notice how GOOD you feel after you've your first step towards JUST MOVING 

20Mins Early Morning Walk

Daily Plank  - How To Plank Video HERE!

Morning Active Stretch Routine - 10 to 15min Routine HERE!

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Big Love,