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Get Beach Body Ready NOW!

Summers just round the corner...quick PANIC!!!

No don't! I was kidding! I know spring is all about getting your butt into gear, kick starting your healthy eating plan, spring cleaning your pantry and starting that fitness goal you've been putting off.

But really, slow're just making things WORSE! You know that saying "money is the root of all evil" well so is panic + stress. These are the anti motivators, the fly in your green smoothie, the - you get the picture!

Stress + panic is shit when it comes to working towards a fitter and healthier you!

Not only that but running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, busting out deadlines and in realistic food plans is a recipe for disaster! Do you really think that raw, vegan, dairy, gluten, yeast free diet you’ve never attempted before is going to be sustainable for YOU? Really?

Instead, try treating October like any other month. A transformation, whether into the next stage in your health + fitness journey OR the very first step, it’s like any other month in the year where you make a conscious decision to lead a strong, balanced and harmonic lifestyle.

That being said, in the spirit of all things Australian Summer I have put together a #BeachBodyReadyWorkout using some of my favourite Surf Style Training movements for you to use over the coming months.

Thanks to the team at Mazarine Aqua you can get the full workout video FREE! Just sign up to access the video online, no equipment needed, take it anywhere!


Looking for more #SurfStyleTraining workouts stay tuned for the release of the Surf Style Training membership website coming soon! In the mean time give the #BeachBodyReadyWorkout a crack and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

Cred: Fiona Peters Photography

The coldest season of the year has landed in Oz, weather (get it? HAHA) you're struggling with a fresh 13 DG's in Sydney or suffering from frostbite in Victoria like me. Winter has officially arrived and our bodies have now been frozen into Popsicles!

With each season comes a whole new set of considerations for our health and I'm here to share some seasonal health & fitness tips you may not have been aware of.


Despite what the old blokes will tell you Surfing in the chilly water over winter does NOT clear a head cold, definitely not the flu! Yes you may feel the sinus fog wash away with every wave BUT the bone chilling waters will eventually cool your body to a desperately low temperature of which your body will need to combat to keep warm. Your body is now working in overdrive to maintain your ideal core temperature, snag a few waves and fight off your cold/flu! Thus extending the period of time in which it takes you to recover.

My TIP - if you must surf or get outside to train keep it to a reasonable 30 minutes.


so often we see people super keen to get their kit off IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! Crazy but it makes sense when you work hard and begin to heat up in the middle of doing Squat Jumps. Before you get excited and think 'Yay, I can flash my six pack all year round!' Get yourself a pair of trackies and a jumper to throw over the top of your training gear, because training when you're cold is breeding grounds for sprains and strains!

MY TIP - Keep the kit ON till you're well and truly toasty, then remove the layers and be modest about it! 


Yep believe it or not Scarves and other winter accoutrements prevent Winter neck strain! If you suffer from headaches, migraines and shoulder/neck pain there's a good chance that the winter breeze is to blame, contributing to this very shitty outcome. When your upper body is cold we tend to hunch over, scrunch our shoulders up in the attempt to shield ourselves from the cold. AVOID this problem and an increase to your Chiro bill by rugging up!

MY TIP - Beanies, scarves, jackets with high necks, turtle neck tops and ear muffs are all a good option. I've even invested in a new set of VERY LARGE headphones for my mornings walks.

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