combat coat hunch

Combat Coat Hunch - Workout

I mentioned it a few years back and I'll mention it again, Winter and all it's heavy knits could be weighing you down...literally!

SPC's Up Close

SPC's Up Close

Neck pain, shoulder pain, rounded shoulders and bad posture are all symptoms exacerbated by the cold Winter weather. On top of that scrunching of the shoulders to hide from the chilly winds all this adds up to a not so pleasant season!

So how do we combat the "Winter Hunches"? As well as covering up as recommended in my previous BLOG '3 Truth's About Winter & You!' another preventative measure can be made...TRAINING! We're going to focus on Back strength to open the chest and improve posture, not to mention the added bonus of being able to lift your chest when paddling in the surf!

Practice these 2 simple movements for improving back & shoulder strength, at least two or three time a week. Remember to stretch after every session.


Single Arm Reverse Fly's 10 - 15 X 3 ea arm

*These can be done in a Plank position, on all fours or with a hand resting on a bench. Keep the elbow slightly bent, with your Wrist and Elbow inline at all times. Only moving from the Shoulder, lift the chosen weight up & down. Top of your hand should be facing the ceiling.


SINGLE ARM SPC's (Superman, Plane, Chicken)20 X 3

Superman - Plane - Chickens

Superman - Plane - Chickens

*In Superman hold the arms up to your ears, in Plane the arms are parallel to your Shoulders and in Chicken tuck the Arms right into your sides, Thumbs to your Shoulders. Moving smoothly through each position.

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EC x