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Be Like The Turtle, Comfortable On Your Own Shell" - Bill Copeland

With so many extreme diets, extreme training systems and extreme points of view about how YOU should be getting healthy and fit. It's hard to know what is actually best for YOU. I emphasis the YOU because no one else can be YOU or know how you feel about YOU and what is best for YOU!


What I'm trying to say is we are all individual and everyone works differently. Reaching your health and fitness goals shouldn't be dictated by what someone else tells you to do and achieve, but what you deem to be relevant for you right now.

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Photo Cred: Fiona Peters Photographer

Making a decision to be healthier & fitter is great and I encourage everyone to try and do so, but a vital part of this process is to be realistic about what it is you wish to accomplish. What you would be honestly happy with achieving? And once you have it, is that way of being really sustainable for you at this stage in your life?

So often clients tell me "I want a six lack like that guy! Like ABS yeah!” Then I ask them what their plans are for the weekend and they tell me they're going out for an engagement party for a few drink or something like "I'll start the healthy eating next week because I have my friends birthday and another friend is making the cake and it would be rude of me if I didn't have a piece to support her culinary creativity!"

Now you're probably waiting for me to tell you that these people and their excuses are wrong. Actually what's wrong is that they have now made it impossible for themselves to achieve their goal! Not because the weekend social events are the “devils tea party” but because they set goals that they don't really want to achieve!

Somewhere along the line reality needs to set in and we need to understand that there is a balance that must take place. Sure! If boiled chicken and steamed veg is a regular meal for you and you train 4 days a week already, I would say having a 6 pack by summer is realistic. But realism varies depending on who you are, what level of healthy & fit you’re at and how you'd really like to live your life!

If you enjoy a tipple from time to time, if you are exhausted come Friday night and you just don't feel like going to that spin class (I HATE spin btw!) then don't! Now own that decision! It's time to stand up (or sit down comfortably) and own the choices YOU make!

Be OK with the actions you take, be OK with a balance between that relaxing luxurious lifestyle and your fitness freak alter ego! In a world of extremes we need to learn to tone it down, still enjoying the simple things in life while we work to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Being emotionally comfortable with who you are and the decisions you make counts for a lot - less stress, less pressure, further acceptance.

My tip this month - OWN the decision YOU make and be OK with it!

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EC x

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