What Is Shallow Water Training?

Shallow Water Training uses full or half body resistance against the shallow water to help build strength and tone throughout the body. Incorporating the use of soft sand and the shallow ocean water, sessions will focus on Core Strength, Glute (Bottom) Activation, toning of the Thighs and Arms as well as Cardiovascular improvement. Sessions will consist of various exercises taking you from the dunes to the water, including games and fun activities to get you MOVING!


What Will I Gain From Shallow Water Training?

.Muscle tone & development
.Core Strength & improved Posture
.Increased Heart & Lunge capacity
.Perky Beach Bum
.Experiencing of being Active Outside
.Getting reacquainted with the Ocean



What Do I Need To Bring?

To keep warm in the water you will need a Wetsuit, whether it’s a steamer (full body) or Spring Suit (short arms & legs) is completely up to you. When the weather warms up you are welcome to wear shorts, tee’s or bathers. Also bring a bottle of Water, Towel and a sense of Adventure!

How Much? Where? When?

The first session of Shallow Water Training takes place on
the 8th of November. 
The sessions will run once a fortnight till Dec/Jan.
Locations will be announced via TEXT (SMS) – so make sure you PRE BOOK.

Cost is $15 for 1HR, sessions are casual and will run with a MINIMUM of 3 people