Located on the Great Ocean Rd, Surfcoast of Victoria, This private fully equipped training studio is one of a kind.

Specifically built to cater to the unique Surf Style Training program, plus a few FUN things thrown in! In the studio you will find -

  • Custom built Monkey Bars (loads up to 150kgs per bar)
  • Bouldering Wall with built in lean out
  • Balance Equipment - Indo Boad, BOSU and more
  • Slackline Set up
  • Boxing Bag, Gloves and Pads
  • V Climb Crash Mats (epic for Agility training + tumbling!)
  • Jump Boxes
  • Various Free Weights, Balls and Bars

Training that takes place in the Little Bantam Studio is unlike most..

If you're looking for a type of training that challenges you physically + mentally while you have some FUN, this is the spot FOR YOU!

Want to visit the studio?

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